National Junior Honor Society

Students interested in becoming members can find the full list of requirements on the CMM website. Students are expected to have spent time in service to the community. We will accept applications from 6th and 7th grade students, who are not current members, after the end of the third nine weeks. The application will be posted on the CMM website once 3rd nine weeks grades are finalized. Although finding service opportunities is more challenging since the Coronavirus pandemic, we are confident that motivated students will find ways to continue making a positive difference in our community. The sponsors do not have a list of available service opportunities.

To be considered for membership in the Caddo Middle Magnet Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, a student must be a sixth or seventh grader and must meet the requirements listed below.

Meeting these requirements does not guarantee a student membership but will place a student’s name into consideration for the Honor Society Committee’s evaluation.

1. Students must be in the sixth or seventh grade.

2. Students must maintain a minimum of 3.75 cumulative grade point average for the first 3 nine weeks.

3. Students must participate in at least 6 community service activities* from July of 2022 through March of 2023. This is 6 different times of service NOT 6 hours of service. Students need signatures and an email address from the supervisor of the community service. Parent signatures as supervisor or in lieu of supervisor will not be accepted. If a student does not have a Community Service Record Sheet, they should print one from the CMM website. 

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